AoC Mental Health and Wellbeing Award - Cardiff and Vale College Case Study

CAVC serves a diverse and ever-changing community. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to enable this community to live fulfilled and intentional lives.

This is an overall CAVC strategic approach to solving the wicked problems of health and wellbeing. We work with wide ranging partners to support learners, staff and the whole community, identifying issues and using evidence based interventions. We view how we support mental health and wellbeing through the prism of prevention and reaction.

Our evidence-based research ensures we are providing solutions to the problems faced by our community. We look after the wellbeing of staff to enable them to support our learners. Our ‘team around the learner’ ensures that learners who are supported with their wellbeing stay in college, achieve their qualifications and progress.

initiative is already across college. We have shared our practice at 2 national Prevent conferences and have had several case studies published. We are currently talking to our local NHS Board to plan how the college can commission services and provide direct mental health services to learners on site.

We are pivotal to the success of our community. We are at the forefront of regional developments to enable us to support them, our staff and learners.