Yorkshire & the Humber Networks

Yorkshire & the Humber Network Calendar, 2019-20

Below is the schedule for our 2019-20 academic year events. Please note as always that future events may be subject to change of venue and timings. We do ask that you refer to your event invite and joining instructions for final information nearer the time. For self-organising networks, please defer to the network chair.


Autumn 2019

Thursday 26 September, Curriculum & Quality Network, Wakefield

Monday 30 September, Governor Induction, Bradford

Thursday 17 October, Finance Directors Network, Leeds City College, (Self Organising)

Thursday 17 October, Principals & Chairs Forum, Leeds City College

Wednesday 13 November, HRDs Network, (Self Organising)

Wednesday 27 November, Clerks Network, Leeds City College, (Self Organising)


Spring 2020

Thursday 30 January, Curriculum & Quality Network

Thursday 30 January, Principals & Chairs Forum

Friday 14 February, Clerks Network, (Self Organising)

Wednesday 26 February, HRDs Network, (Self Organising)

Monday 27 April, Governor Induction


Summer 2020

Tuesday 28 April, Curriculum & Quality Network

Wednesday 06 May, HRDs, (Self Organising)

Thursday 14 May, Clerks Network, (Self Organising)

Tuesday 19 May, Principals & Chairs Forum