AoC South West Networks

Core networks held in the region:

  • Finance Directors
  • Governance
  • HR Managers
  • Principals and Chairs
  • Quality and Performance
  • Clerks to the Corporation
  • Sports 

We support our member colleges to deliver social and economic benefit to people, businesses and their communities and our network events and groups by supporting college leadership and management teams through professional updating opportunities, networking and sharing best practice.  This also enables us to provide a two way communitarian between colleges and AoC and inform our core representation and policy development activities.

The networks involve speakers from national and regional organisations and meet termly (or for some groups twice per year where we encourage attendance at one of our AoC national events).  The network meetings create a culture of cross-college working and relationship building.  This in turn provides an ideal infrastructure for progressing any consortium work and partnership project opportunities to support colleges in the region.

All groups and networks (ex Health and Safety)  are chaired and facilitated by the AoC SW Area Director who provides a sector update and briefing at each meeting and the sessions are supported by members of the AoC SW team