AoC NE Regional Skills Competitions Steering Group

The Regional Skills Competitions Steering Group (RSCSG) works with colleges, key stakeholders and partners to raise the profile of World Skills and Skills Competition activity in the north east.

The group is Chaired by Suzanne Duncan, Principal at East Durham College.  The group meets once per term.

2016/17 meeting dates:

11 October 2016, 10am - 12 noon at East Durham College
16 February 2017, 10am - 12 noon at East Durham College
16 May 2017, 10am - 12 noon at East Durham College

Meeting papers are normally circulated 2 weeks in advance of each meeting.

The RSCSG Network Group, to expand the reach and impact of skills competitions in the curriculum in north east colleges, seeks opportunities to facilitate continuing professional development programme (CPD) for vocational teachers, trainers and leaders involved in the design and delivery of skills competitions.     2016/17 events include:

  • 12th July 2016 at East Durham College - WorldSkills UK Pop-up Workshop  - focussing on how skills competition based activity can raise standards in any apprenticeship or training course and to launch future CDP events during 2016/17
  • 19th October 2016 at New College Durham -  WorldSkills UK CAD Masterclass – further information to be updated shortly.

Registration booking links and any supplementary papers for the these events are normally circulated to colleges, via their representative RSCSG network lead.  However, if you have any queries or would like to discuss these events will us, please contact AoC NE.  Thank you