AoC East Midlands Networks


This is a forum which brings together principals from across the region to discuss key issues facing the sector and is an opportunity for principals to be provided with updates on a range of topics. The forum also hears from speakers from the funding agencies, government departments and from AoC's national office.

Chaired by Dr Nigel Leigh, Principal and Chief Executive, Stephenson College


The Governors' Network provides information and guidance and seeks views and feedback from regional Governors. The Network recieves regular updates from external agencies including Ofsted, Skills Funding Agency and the Education Funding Agency.

Toni Fazaeli, Chair of North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College


This Network looks to promote excellence in governance across colleges in the East Midlands and benefits from updates from a range of external organisations on issues like company law and funding. Colleges also share experiences of how they are responding to the challenges of local accountability and as well as feeding back from inspection on governance.

Chaired by Catherine Duro, Director of Corporate Services and Clerk to Corporation, Stephenson College 


The Network supports the development of all aspects of sport-related activity in colleges and forms a key regional component of AoC Sport's wider strategy – Fit for College, Fit for Work, Fit for Life‎.

The Network agenda adapts to include topical issues with the focus changing between each meeting. College staff with responsibilities for curriculum delivery as well as sports facilities and student participation are invited to attend. The network meetings provide updates and sharing of innovative practice in the areas of study programmes, sport development and student employability.

Chaired by Dan Burns, Head of School for Sport, Travel and Public Sector


The Network supports college staff working in HR. The Network receives updates from AoC on employment matters and also hears from a range of external speakers on topics such as employment law, coaching and continuing professional development.

Chaired by Jan Hutt, Director of HR, Northampton College


This Network is attended by senior management staff from colleges in the East Midlands. The Network receives regular updates on policy related issues from the Education Funding Agency and the Skills Funding Agency.

Chaired by Steve Rankine, Director of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Northampton College


This Network provides information relating to higher education in colleges. It is provided with updates on HE policy and shares updates specific to the region. The Network is regularly attended by HEFCE.

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