Key Further Education Statistics

College Key Facts
Each year, we produce a College Key Facts leaflet, which provides a useful overview of the main facts and figures relating to colleges in England. It contains information on  strengths, investment, social mobility, successes and standards of colleges.

College Key Facts 2016/17

Number and list of Colleges, September 2016
Colleges in the UK 371
Colleges in England (PDF,150.22 KB) 325
General Further Education Colleges 209
Sixth Form Colleges 90
Land-based Colleges 14
Art, Design and Performing Arts Colleges 2
Specialist Designated Colleges 10
Colleges in Scotland (PDF,74.43 KB) 26
Colleges in Wales (PDF,79.36 KB) 14
Colleges in Northern Ireland (PDF,74.72 KB) 6

(September 2016)