2014 Student Photography Awards

The 2014 competition was fierce with more than 600 photographs entered by over 360 students from 50 colleges all over the country; it was not an easy task for the judge to pick the finalists.

The winners were:

1st Prize - Jess Middlebrook, Southport College

Judges' comments:
A really interesting and thoughtful composition, using the Barber's hands and razor to frame the image. The detailing in the hands and foreground really carries the eye. A low viewpoint creates the impression that the viewer is in the Barber's chair with his attention firmly on them. This is an atmospheric piece, with the exact intentions of the Barber unclear and slightly threatening.

2nd Prize - Alexandra Adair, Plymouth College of Art

Judges' comments:
Photographing black on black is very challenging, however this image is a very good example of how this can be achieved. The lighting of the horse in a studio setting has been thoughtfully prepared, with the detailing of the horses body clearly shown. In the composition the use of thirds has also been carefully considered, creating an overall nicely presented image.

3rd - Max Willcock, Worcester Sixth Form College

Judges' comments:

This is a nice composition where the railings have been used to lead the viewer into the photograph. The use of colour on the children's coats against the black and white effect of the waves behind, creates a pleasing contrast. A well captured shot.

Three highly commended:

Callum Fothergill, South Leicestershire College

Callum Fothergill_South Leicestershire College

Judges' comments:
This low angle composition captures sunlight coming under a bridge in a well-controlled manner. The low lighting causes shadows on the stones adding interest to the image, whereas the sun's rays bring out the colour.

Alex Lewis, Southport College

Alex Lewis_Southport College

Judges' comments:
A strong example of a good black and white image. The lighting from behind really helps to highlight the detail in the rain. A thoughtfully framed and composed image.

Abbie Woodnut, South Downs College

Abbie Woodnut_South Downs College

Judges' comments:
This is a lovely composition of a 'clock flower', with an interesting low down viewpoint looking up at something we usually look down on. The sunlight positioned behind the flower helps to provide detail in the seeds of the plant which are ready to be blown away.