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There are some 8,000 individuals in England who are Governors of Further Education Colleges. These Governors sit on the Boards - called Corporations - of the Colleges.  The number and mix of the governors varies with the size of the College but is set a maximum of 20. With the exception of the Principal (the Chief Executive) of the College, all the other Governors are non-executive appointments (not part of the Senior Management Team which manages the College).

After the AoC’s strategic review in 2007, the AoC Board structure changed its balance from a balance of Principals (Executive Governors) and Governors (non-executive) towards the Principals and Chief Executives of Colleges.  The review nonetheless recognised the continued importance of securing and empowering the voice of Governors and other interest groups in championing and promoting the role and activities of Colleges, and in recognition of this the AoC Governors’ Council was established in 2008. 


The Mission of the AoC’s Governors’ Council

To develop and use the experience and expertise of Governors, to represent their views in the formulation of AoC Policy and promote best practice in College governance.

“The Authoritative Voice of Governors”

Governors represent a formidable wealth of diverse experience which can be harnessed to shaping and improving the performance of the FE Sector. The AoC’s new Governors’ Council will provide genuine opportunities for Governors to express their views to inform and influence policy makers and partners.   The AoC is aiming to expand and enhance the engagement with Governors and especially those who currently rarely attend events outside their own Colleges.