18 May 2012

AoC Charitable Trust 07/12

FREE Best Practice Workshop and the AoC Beacon Awards 2012-13 Programme

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1    FREE Best practice workshop on the use of technology in FE and Skills
2    AoC Beacon Awards 2012-2013 Programme

3    AoC Charitable Trust on Twitter

1   Best practice workshop on the use of technology in FE and Skills

Exploring best practice and uncovering technology solutions

City & Guilds Centre, Wakefield.  Thursday 31 May 2012

The AoC Charitable Trust, in collaboration with City & Guilds, is pleased to offer a free, one-day workshop to explore best practice evidenced by two AoC Beacon Award winners in the areas of Technology and Skills.

Vice Principals and Senior Curriculum Managers are invited to attend to have the opportunity to hear in more detail about the outcomes and benefits to learners of the winning initiatives.  We would also like you to bring to the workshop the approaches and solutions you have adopted to meet challenges within your own Colleges.

There will be input from Adeem Younis, AoC Gold Award winner in 2011 and founder of singlemuslim.com and former student at Wakefield College, who will speak about the impact of technology on enterprise.  Joining him will be the key programme leaders from Preston College which won the AoC Beacon Award for Effective Use of Technology in 2011-12 and Walsall College, which won the same award in 2010-11 as well as the Skills Award in 2011-12.

There will be two breakout sessions which will cover four themes:

•    Future technology
•    Impact on the learner
•    Beginners guide to e-learning
•    Integration of technology

The purpose of the day is to share good practice as well as act as a catalyst to further discussions, which will result in the identification of some of the challenges that the sector will face in the future and how the use of technology can support Colleges whether it be through delivering the curriculum, supporting the administrative infrastructure or providing enterprising solutions for local, regional or national employers.

The workshop will be held at the City & Guilds office in Wakefield between 10.00am and 3.10pm on Thursday 31 May 2012.

   Programme for Beacon Awards and City and Guilds Workshop 

If you would like to attend the workshop please email City & Guilds or book via the City & Guilds website or call the Customer Support Events Team on 01924 206777 and ask for a booking form for the AoC Beacon Awards Workshop.

 2    AoC Beacon Awards 2012-2013 Programme

Highlighting some changes to the awards and criteria

The Beacon Awards 2012-13 Prospectus has been available online for over a month now and a shorter, hard copy version was sent to all Colleges in mid-April.  The hard copy version gives an overview for each award but it is essential that your College reads through the online version to get the complete list of criteria for each award.

There are 14 Awards available including several new awards such as the   AoC Charitable Trust Award for Innovation in FE, the   1st4sport Qualifications and sports coach UK Award for Sport in the Curriculum, the   Microlink and National Grid Inclusive Learning Award for Students with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities, the   LSIS Award for Outstanding Leadership of Improvement (English Colleges only) and the  Welsh Government Award for Engaging Learners who are not in Education, Employment or Training (Welsh Colleges only).

Many of the other Awards which have been offered previously have refreshed their criteria to keep in line with sector developments.  There has also been a change to the application criteria.  Previously, those Colleges that had won an award were not eligible to re-apply for the same award with the same project; this has now been changed so that no College which has previously won an AoC Beacon Award will be eligible for consideration a second time for the same award within a period of three years from the previous successful application.  This should open up the awards to those winners who have continued to develop their winning initiatives.

Two years ago, we introduced a request that Colleges submit their applications anonymously.  This was an attempt to create a level playing field for all Colleges applying for the awards and to try to eliminate the 'halo effect'.  To date, the Assessors have been asked to not penalise Colleges for not anonymising their applications, but to highlight that the bid had not been anonymised in the feedback.  This year, the submissions will be checked before being passed on to the Assessors and if anything that can identify the College is found, then you may be contacted, requesting a 'clean' copy of the submission.  This may impact on the date that the 'clean' copy is received, so all Colleges submitting an application are urged to submit anonymised bids to ensure that everything is received before the closing date.  Advice on anonymising your submission can be found at the back of the Prospectus.

If you would like further hard copies of this year's Prospectus or feedback on any previous applications by phone, then please contact the AoC Beacon Awards office on the number below.  The closing date for this year's AoC Beacon Awards is Wednesday 4 July 2012.

For further information on the AoC Beacon Awards, please email Alice Thiagaraj, Manager of the AoC Charitable Trust or phone on 020 7034 9917.

3    AoC Charitable Trust on Twitter

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