5 April 2012

AoC Charitable Trust 03/12

AoC Beacon Awards 2012/2013 Programme

All College Personnel

Briefing contents:

1    AoC Beacon Awards 2012/2013 Programme
2    AoC Charitable Trust on Twitter

1    AoC Beacon Awards 2012/2013 Programme

We are pleased to launch the new AoC Beacon Awards 2012/2013 Programme. The new prospectus is available on the AoC website and a shortened, hardcopy version has been sent to all Colleges addressed to the Principal/Chief Executive and Chair. In an attempt to reduce printing and distribution costs, we have reduced the number of pages in the hard-copy version so it still contains enough information about each of the Awards to enable you and your colleagues to know what the core focus for each is. All other pages, including how to apply and the application form are available online.

This year, we are delighted to welcome four new sponsors on board. Microlink and National Grid are co-sponsoring an award for Inclusive Learning and 1st4sport Qualifications and sports coach UK are co-sponsoring an award for Sport in the Curriculum. Other new awards include LSIS’ award for Outstanding Leadership of Improvement (English Colleges only), the Welsh Assembly Government Award for Engaging Learners who are not in Education, Employment or Training (Welsh Colleges only) and the AoC Charitable Trust Award for Innovation in FE. It is however, worth looking at the criteria for all of the awards – many of them have been updated and refreshed to reflect various changes affecting Colleges.

Two years ago, we introduced a request that the submissions for the Beacon Awards are completed anonymously to try and create a level playing field for all Colleges applying. Whilst many submissions have been received with all identifying features removed, there was still a significant number which could be identified. Please check before sending in your submissions that it isn’t possible to identify your College in the main body of the application. Your application may be returned for branding or references to the College to be removed if it is possible for the assessors to identify it.

After the success of the two previous events, we will be holding another Speed Networking Event in London on Thursday 17 May where College delegates can book one-to-one sessions with experienced assessors to get invaluable advice on putting together strong submission for the awards. Further information was sent out in last week's AoC Charitable Trust Briefing 02/12 and is on the Trust section of the website.

If you would like any feedback on last year’s submissions, advice on applying for the awards or further copies of the prospectus, please do not hesitate to contact Alice Thiagaraj on 020 7034 9917 or alice_thiagaraj@aoc.co.uk. The closing date for this year is Wednesday 4 July 2012.

2    AoC Charitable Trust on Twitter

Don't forget to follow AoC Charitable Trust on Twitter: @AoCTrust for regular updates on the AoC Beacon Awards and AoC Gold Awards and general updates from the Trust.

Queries and comments

If there are any general queries or comments about the AoC Beacon Awards, please email Alice Thiagaraj, Manager of the AoC Charitable Trust or phone on 020 7034 9917.