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Association of Colleges

AoC West Midlands Regional Committee

Association of Colleges West Midlands Regional Committee

The AoC West Midlands Regional Committee comprises Governors and Principals from across the Region.  The Committee meets four times per year.

Current membership


  • Mike Hopkins, South & City College Birmingham (Birmingham and Solihull sub-region)
  • Lowell Williams, Dudley College (Black Country sub-region)
  • Ray Goy, Henley College Coventry (Coventry and Warwickshire sub-region)
  • Ian Peake, Herefordshire College of Technology (Herefordshire and Worcestershire sub-region)
  • Garry Phillips, New College Telford (Shropshire sub-region)
  • Graham Morley (Chair), South Staffordshire College (Staffordshire sub-region)


  • Zahoor Mann, South & City College Birmingham (Birmingham and Solihull sub-region)
  • Peter Gardner, Dudley College (Black Country sub-region)
  • Vacancy (Herefordshire and Worcestershire sub-region)
  • Vic Croxson, Walford and North Shropshire College (Shropshire sub-region)
  • Lesley Rollason, Newcastle under Lyme College (Staffordshire sub-region)

Ex Officio members

  • Norman Cave, Principal, Bournville College,  AoC Board Member for West Midlands
  • Graham Briscoe, Governor New College Telford and West Midlands regional representative on AoC Governors' Council
  • Peter Brophy, AoC Finance Director
  • Steve Sawbridge, AoC West Midlands Regional Director