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Message from AoC International Director

Message from the AoC International Director

I am delighted that you have decided to join the AoC’s International Charter scheme and I hope you will find it an invaluable tool as you develop and grow your international work. The challenges Colleges face as they work with international partners and students become increasingly demanding in a period of funding cuts, tightening of immigration regulations and the world economic situation. Alongside these challenges there are also many exciting opportunities and the environment for international growth is extremely positive; increasingly governments are looking to VET to help develop the skilled workforce their economies need, the strong push for internationalising our Colleges and curriculum and an enthusiasm for partnership and working in consortia supported through government initiatives such as PMI2.
To meet these challenges and grasp these opportunities it is essential that Colleges take a strategic, well resourced and quality driven approach to their international work as demonstrated by the Charter’s criteria. Without doubt, the Charter will be extremely beneficial for members and it will be a powerful tool in helping us to support and shape Colleges’ international work'.

I look forward to working with you on developing and growing your international work through a commitment to the AoC International Charter

Best wishes,


John Mountford
AoC International Director