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Observing Teaching and Learning the Inspectors' way | LONDON

Event Title

27 June 2012

09:30 - 16:00

Greater London

Observing Teaching and Learning - Preparing for the introduction of the 2012 Common Inspection Framework
London - Etc Venues, Victoria


During 2011, Ofsted are consulting on and piloting a revised Common Inspection Framework (CIF). This will be implemented from 2012. It is clear the Ofsted will be using CIF 2012 to focus more on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment; and will be paying particular attention to the leadership of teaching and learning as a central part of judgments on the effectiveness of leadership and management.

What does CIF 2012 mean to the learning and skills sector?
How can we be sure that leadership and management have the correct focus?
What can we do to improve the quality of teaching and learning? What is the role of observations in all of this?

This event builds on the successful AoC-Create events "Observing Teaching and Learning the Inspectors Way" to help colleges plan for the introduction of CIF 2012.

PLEASE NOTE - This event is planned on the basis that CIF 2012 will not be significantly different from the autumn 2011 consultation - this event will respond to any changes as and when these are understood.

Objectives of the day

  • To interpret CIF 2012 in terms of its evaluation of teaching, learning and assessment; and associated leadership and management
  • To investigate the relationships between the delivery of teaching and learning and its management in terms of good quality learner outcomes
  • To explore concepts around excellence in teaching and learning, and the factors which impact upon its quality
  • To review approaches to observations, effective feedback and action planning to improve teaching, learning, assessment and learner outcomes

What will I get out of it?

  • An understanding of focus of the planned 2012 Common Inspection Framework
  • An understanding of what represents best practice in terms of the management of teaching, learning and assessment
  • Practice in making judgments and evaluating the quality of teaching and learning
  • Tools and techniques to assist in delivering feedback to teachers and linking this to the quality improvement agenda
  • The opportunity to meet colleagues and peers with the same job role and focus

Who should attend?

  • Observation team members
  • Directors of Quality Improvement
  • Heads of Department/Section Leaders
  • Advanced Practitioners/Coaches 

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