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Association of Colleges

About Colleges

About Colleges:

Colleges provide a rich mix of academic and vocational education. It may be at any level above compulsory education, from basic training to Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree. As autonomous institutions incorporated by Act of Parliament they have the freedom to innovate and respond flexibly to the needs of individuals, business and communities.
Colleges in the UK that are regarded as part of the Further Education sector include General FE and Tertiary Colleges; Sixth Form Colleges; Specialist Colleges (Agriculture and Horticulture, Art and Design, Specialist Designated)

Number and list of Colleges August 2013:

Colleges in the UK 391
  Colleges in England 339
                General Further Education Colleges 218
                Sixth Form Colleges 93
                Land-based Colleges 15
                Art, Design and Performing Arts Colleges 3
                Specialist Designated Colleges 10
  Colleges in Scotland 30
  Colleges in Wales 16
  Colleges in Northern Ireland 6